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App is installable

parent 8808d85a
- Number of workers
- Access rights
- Reloading
- Ztlumit logování
- Trigger na "last modified" u meetingů
- indexy
- Adjust number of workers
- Ztlumit logování
- hooky na create/delete user
- přehlednější log
- indexy
rsync -av --delete templates $(DEST)/
touch $(DEST)/force-reload
......@@ -107,12 +107,13 @@ def main_page():
# XXX: No meeting is ever longer than 24 hours
SELECT m.meeting_id, m.topic, m.start_time, m.duration,, u.full_name
SELECT m.meeting_id, m.topic, s.start_time, s.duration,, u.full_name
FROM zoom_meetings m
JOIN zoom_users u ON = m.host_id
WHERE m.start_time >= DATE %s - INTERVAL '1 day'
AND m.start_time < DATE %s + INTERVAL '1 day'
ORDER BY, m.start_time
JOIN zoom_users u ON u.uid = m.host_uid
JOIN zoom_schedule s ON s.mid = m.mid
WHERE s.start_time >= DATE %s - INTERVAL '1 day'
AND s.start_time < DATE %s + INTERVAL '1 day'
ORDER BY, s.start_time
(dt, dt))
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