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App: JavaScript buttons for switching days

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......@@ -67,9 +67,11 @@
<p id=intro>This table summarizes meetings scheduled in our Zoom accounts. Use standard Zoom interface
to create and modify reservations. Please keep in mind that there is a slight delay between Zoom
and this table. Please report all bugs to Martin Mareš.</p>
<form method=GET action="?">
<form id=f method=GET action="?">
<label for=date>Date:</label>
<input id=date type=date name=date value="{{ }}">
<input id=date type=date name=date step=1 value="{{ }}">
<button type=button onclick="document.getElementById('date').stepDown(); document.getElementById('f').requestSubmit()"></button>
<button type=button onclick="document.getElementById('date').stepUp(); document.getElementById('f').requestSubmit()"></button>
<select name=hours>
<option value=0{{ " selected" if g.hours==0 else "" }}>Study hours</option>
<option value=1{{ " selected" if g.hours==1 else "" }}>Working hours</option>
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