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CUPS pdf postprocess
This is a simple utility acting as postprocesor of cups-pdf virtual printer.
- Python 3 (should be trivial to modify for Python 2)
- PyQt5
This script can be use either directly (e.g. via context menu) or through cups-pdf.
First copy file `` and edit it for your needs. When invoked by
cups, the script does not have any knowledge about running X, so you have to
set atleast `DISPLAY` (and probaly also `XAUTHORITY`) variable. Also you can specify
list of your custom printer in here-document at end of file.
Syntax is `("name of printer", ["command", "first argument"]),` (it will be
interpreted as part of Python list literal). There will be appended aditional
`lp`-like parameters when acually executing command.
To use it through cups, install pdf-cups, setup a new virtual printer and
then modify `/etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf`:
PostProcessing /path/to/
To add the script into context menu soft-link cups-pdf-postprocess-your-wrapper.desktop
into appropriate place for your desktop enviroment (in case of KDE4 this is
`~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus`). You may need to copy it and fix path
to shell wrapper.
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