Commit 3883b975 authored by Radek Hušek's avatar Radek Hušek
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more printers

parent 7c9b559f
...@@ -10,5 +10,7 @@ export \ ...@@ -10,5 +10,7 @@ export \
exec "$(dirname "`readlink -f "$0"`")/" "$@" <<'EOF' exec "$(dirname "`readlink -f "$0"`")/" "$@" <<'EOF'
("Nessie gray", ["ssh", "iuuk", "lp", "-d", "nessie-gray"]), ("Nessie gray", ["ssh", "iuuk", "lp", "-d", "nessie-gray"]),
("Nessie color", ["ssh", "iuuk", "lp", "-d", "nessie-color"]), ("Nessie color", ["ssh", "iuuk", "lp", "-d", "nessie-color"]),
("Obludka (2nd floor)", ["ssh", "iuuk", "lp", "-d", "obludka"]),
("Potvurka (Petra's office)", ["ssh", "iuuk", "lp", "-d", "potvurka"]),
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