Commit 4de33883 authored by Petr Baudis's avatar Petr Baudis
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common.h: Convert some unnecessary variables to macros

parent f26e010b
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@
* has reserved less than minfree (in case of too little memory,
* user takes precedence) and user does not have reserved more
* than maxfree. */
size_t static_minfree = 512*1048576UL;
size_t static_maxfree = 2048*1048576UL;
double split_ratio = 0.5;
#define static_minfree (512*1048576UL)
#define static_maxfree (2048*1048576UL)
#define split_ratio 0.5
/* Default nice value for processes started using compctl --run. */
#define COMPNICE 12
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