Commit 8bfbbb16 authored by Filip Stedronsky's avatar Filip Stedronsky
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Succinct: SOLE: sole_even not needed after all

parent 593d1521
PICS=sole sole_even
include ../Makerules
import sole_common;
blocks(0, "...", "B", "B", "EOF");
thruarrows(0, 1, 3);
blocks(1, "...", "B+1", "B+1", "B+1", "0");
mixarrows(1, 1, 4);
blocks(2, "...", "B-i", "B+j", "B-j", "B+k", "0");
mixarrows(2, 0, 6);
blocks(3, "...", "B", "B", "B", "B", "B");
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