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......@@ -460,7 +460,7 @@ The key part of Dinic's algorithm is to find a \em{blocking flow} in the \em{lev
A \em{blocking flow} is a flow satisfying the property that every (directed) path from source
to target contains a saturated edge, i.e. edge where the flow equals the capacity. The
\em{level graph} contains exactly the vertices and edges which lie on some shortest path
from~$s$ to~$t$ in the residual network\footnote{Residual network is a network containing
from~$s$ to~$t$ in the residual network\foot{Residual network is a network containing
the edges with non-zero residual capacity, that is, difference between capacity and a
flow. Capacity of each edge in residual network is exactly the residual capacity.}. The
important property of level graph is that it is acyclic and it can be decomposed into
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