Commit 72e5ab00 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš
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Smazání příspěvku studentem smaže i přílohu

Closes #31.
parent ee939716
......@@ -658,14 +658,16 @@ def edit_post(sident, cident, pid):
flash('Post deleted.', 'info')
return redirect(return_to)
cmt = "*Post deleted by its author.*"
att = None
points = None
cmt = strip_comment(
att = post.attachment
points =
changed = False
if cmt != post.comment:
db_query("UPDATE owl_posts SET comment=%s WHERE pid=%s", (cmt, pid))
if cmt != post.comment or att != post.attachment:
db_query("UPDATE owl_posts SET comment=%s, attachment=%s WHERE pid=%s", (cmt, att, pid))
changed = True
if g.is_grader and points != post.points:
db_query("UPDATE owl_posts SET points=%s WHERE pid=%s", (points, pid))
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